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Why Korean Ginseng is Better

Why Korean Ginseng is Better

Why Korean Ginseng is Better
Korean Ginseng, also known as Panax is the most common type of ginseng used. Korean Ginseng contains a greater diversity of medicinal qualities than other Ginsengs. The health promoting ingredients of ginseng are remarkably higher in Korean ginseng in comparison to other varieties of ginseng. Recent scientific research has found the key active ingredients are saponins known as Ginsenosides. Ilhwa Korean Ginseng is the most efficacious with 36 types of Ginsenosides verses far less from other types of Ginseng.
*  Since Korean Panax ginseng has 36 types of saponin while American Ginseng has 13 and Sanchi has 14 and Chikuseteu 3 it works in very broad manner for human wellness and as an effective stimulant that relives fatigue by stimulating the nerve cells.

*  The Rh2 compound found exclusively in Korean ginseng has shown in Clinical studies to have a very beneficial effect on some serious health challenges.

*  The protein containing polysaccharide found in Korean ginseng is known to reduce lipolysis. Additionally, it strengthens the immune system, thus giving higher resilience against disease and promoting a longer and healthier life.

*  Germanium is considering by many researchers to be one of the most powerful natural detoxifying compounds known. Korean Panax Ginseng has more Germanium than any other known plant.

Korean ginseng’s ingredients like Rb and Rc, along with other saponins have been shown in clinical studies to be very supportive for cardio-vascular health when consumed for a prolonged time.

Korean ginseng can be a daily tonic, which when consumed in calculated quantities improves stamina, increases immunity and maintains optimal health. Korean Ginseng is also a great stimulant and stress buster, giving the pick-me-up you may need after a long tiring day

Panax ginseng grown in Korea as the broadest spectrum of ginesides of all types of ginseng. This is so important since it is a key to the Adaptogenic characteristic of Ginseng which brings the body into balance. It is also considered one of the most prized and expensive herbs. Panax ginseng stimulates both long and short-term energy, so it is known as a yang tonic replenishing Qi (energy).

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